This is an online ministry, empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform lives. We are here to bless lives because we have been transformed by the WORD OF GOD through Salvation. We have a mandate, mission, mind and manifestation of faith and hope to bring transformation to lives and society at large. We are very passionate about making the DREAM, Purpose of God for individual life possible.

The past of many people are full of mess that we believe through Faith in the MERCY of Christ today can birth Hope for a better, brighter, higher and greater tomorrow. We intend to give hope to the hopeless and awaken the creativity in the lives of everyone by helping them know that God is the only SOLUTION through Christ our Lord and Saviour
We are here to stop the past from hurting you. We believe your Prophecy/Purpose in life is more powerful than your history.

The Word of God is our guiding principle and template and we shall use it to be a blessing to you always.

God bless you richly.

Matthew Abolurin (God’s Steward)

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