A King in a particular kingdom, became very rich, had possession of lands, wives and built houses and was very great. His kingdom took over other cities in battles but occasionally had moments of sorrow

The King had a friend (a jester) in the city that normally excited him and made him laugh at such moments. Such as the comedies of today.

The king called on his friend one day and gave him a rod instructing him to go into all the cities and give the rod to the person that is foolish than his friend (the comedian)

The comedian went to all the cities, cried in their town halls with rapt attention from the city dwellers, yet could not find the person that was foolish than him and had to come back to the king with frustration. When he got to the palace, he was told the king was very sick. He got to the sick bed of the king and told him all his frustration.

The jester sympathized with the health condition of the king. The king told his friend he was going on a long journey and he does not know when he will return.

The jester asked the king a question. Oh king live forever! Are you prepared for this long journey? The king answered and said no.

The jester said to the king, I have been looking for you, take this rod because you are foolish than me.

Friends, Life is a journey that you don’t know the extent of the journey but the destination is fixed-Heaven or Hell.

The Lord can help you TODAY! Luke 12:15-23

Jesus came to give LIFE in abundance. John 10:10 Receive the Life of Christ Today.





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