“Declaring the End from the Beginning” Isaiah 46:10    

God acts in our life by FAITH. He speaks to our life by faith. God works through us by faith. Faith is indispensable. We can only sail through to our desired destination in life by faith. We are save by faith. We overcome Satan by faith. We live, walk and profit by faith. We have access to God by faith. We stand by faith. God lifts us up by faith. We please God by faith. The totality of our life on earth, is anchor on faith. On the other hand, Satan works through FEAR. He puts fear in the hearts of people. Through fear, he afflict and oppresses people. Through fear he causes people to displease and distrust God. He enslaves people through fear. Through fear, Satan makes people to throw away their properties, privileges, benefits, rights, positions and opportunities in life. Through fear he makes people to abandon God, salvation and heaven. Through fear he makes people to choose hell instead of heaven. Fear makes us to question the love, care and promises of God. Fear takes us out of the will of God. Fear brings bondage, faith brings breakthroughs. Fears brings obstacles but faith brings opportunities. Faith brings fulfillment in life. FAITH is: Full Assurance In Trusting Hearts while FEAR is: False Experiences Appearing Real. Choose faith that you may live.

Mark 4:35-41 5:1  Faith is; believing the authority of the Word of Christ to move to the next level of your life, while Fear is seeing and reacting to the negative part of life instead of choosing the response of faith.


I am grateful for today, therefore I will carry out God’s purpose for my life on earth. I am an agent of change to the world, therefore I am blessed and highly favoured to represent Christ and expand His Kingdom without limitation. I am a Life, Light and Liberation to many. I cannot be rejected. The Lord is my helper. My Life, Family, Ministry and Business will proclaim Christ. Anything the enemy try to do in my life is a waste of his time.

Life Transformation Ministry, will remain relevant and a blessing to people TODAY and to Generations yet unborn. 1st Peter1:4-5 God has reserved something for me in heaven, therefore I will get there. The words of Christ dwells in me richly. The past is gone, New things are springing up in my life. I am happy and joyful, saved and secured, healed and delivered, prospered and enriched, bold and strong, empower and relevant. Christ in me the HOPE of Glory.

I am on the other side of victory, abiding under the wings of the Almighty God without fear. Psalms 91 is my portion in Jesus name.

So shall it be————Psalms 33:9 Amen

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