A man went to a barbershop to have his haircut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began conversation on various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said: ‘I don’t believe that God exists’

Customer: Why do you say that?
Barber: Well, you just have to go out on the street to realize that God doesn’t exist. Tell me, if God exists, would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children? If God exist, there would be neither suffering nor pain! I can’t imagine a loving God who would allow all of these things.

The customer thought for a moment, but didn’t respond because he didn’t want to start an argument. The barber finished his job and the customer paid and left the shop silently.
Just after he left the barbershop, he saw a man on the street with long, stringy, dirty hair and an un- trimmed beard. Upon sighting this, the customer turned back and entered the barber shop again and he said to the barber: You know what? Barbers do not exist…

Barber: How can you say that? I am here, and I am a barber. And I just worked on you!
Customer: No! Barbers don’t exist because if they do, there would be no people with dirty long hair and untrimmed beards, like that man outside.
Barber: Ah! But barbers DO exist! Those are just people who do not come to me.
Customer: Exactly! That’s the point! So you see… God also DOES exist! But that’s what happens when people do not go to Him and don’t look to Him for help!

Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. ” (James 4:8)

 “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” (Malachi 3:6)

Jesus said…”Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. “(John 16:24).

But some of us ask Him over and over again but always get no answer …Why?

•Some of us ask with ulterior motives (You are asking God for a particular car so you can oppress that your neighbor who has been intimidating you with his/her own car)

•God knows granting that request would definitely destroy you or harm others ( you are desperate to become the Chairman, Senator, Governor or President of your Local/state/Country but God knows you will embezzle and mismanage all the money and People will suffer and cause shame to His name)

God has a better plan for you!

God want you to come to Him and ask for help with faith in your heart and not with doubt and wrong motive.
Above all, when you genuinely make a request to God and it seems like God aren’t saying NOTHING, worry not for He’s surely working out SOMETHING BIG for you!
When GOD solves your problems, you have faith in His abilities. When He doesn’t solve your problems, He has faith in your abilities…capacity…to solve the problems. Even again, GOD might close all the doors against you, panic not, He’s planning to tear down the roof so you can be enveloped in his downpour of blessings and so you won’t be able to escape them! So ask God for a gift this new week!

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR FAITH AND HOPE IN GOD, your victory, miracle, breakthrough, and testimony are near!


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