Having faith in hope means to have faith in your today and tomorrow. It means to believe in your purpose, dreams, destiny and God’s prophecy concerning you. Don’t be a prisoner of the past. Something good and wonderful can come out of your life, your family, your children, that relationship, your business, your ministry, your corporation, your Job. There is hope for you. There is yet rest for those who love the Lord.

Heb 11: 1-2 say; Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report.  KGV

Faith in the living God is the proof that you trust Him for your daily bread, protection, abundance, health, family happiness, financial breakthroughs, debts payment, and dreams to come true, destiny to be fulfilled. Faith and hope work together. You cannot have faith in something you are not hoping for, and you cannot hope in something or somebody you don’t believe in.  faith is the evidence, the manifestations, the operation, the exhibition of the things you are hoping for. Successes, freedom, accomplishment, fulfillments in life which are the things you are hoping for, are obtained through faith in God. Hope is the confidence expectation of the goodness of God. The goodness of God is obtainable through faith.

Abraham was a man of faith and hope and that earned him the father of us all today. Romans 4:16-25

Stay open for something new always and your faith will carry you through.

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