The achievement of years gone by, cannot be compare to the abundance in stock for you this year. Right attitude, right work in the right place, will help you receive them.

The following will help us make significant progress this year.

Seek the Mercy of God

No man can survive the challenges of life without the mercy, favour of God. What will make the difference for you this year is the MERCY of God. God want to transform many to a significant life this year to occupy the sphere of influence but you MUST seek and depend solely on His mercy.

Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they shared her joy. Luke 1:58 (NIV)

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” Psalm 126:2 (NIV)  

Your neighbor is the person next to you. When you receive mercy from God, the world will celebrate you. Great things will happen in your life this year through the MERCY of God.

Deliver Yourself from the sin of Laziness

Laziness tends to poverty. It is a serious sin. God want us to be fruitful, multiply, subdue and replenish the earth. This cannot be possible in laziness. Therefore if you are lazy this year, you will be sinning against God’s command. To be significant this year, make up your mind to do the Right Work with hard work and smart work. Laziness is resting when you are not tired. Deliver yourself NOW by engaging yourself daily. Find legitimate work to do this year so that God can bless you to be a blessing. Rewards are benefits of effort. The way to cooperate with God is to work hard.

Your Mind is the Issues of Life

You are the product of your thought. Your thinking and action this year determines your relevance. Possibility thinking is a major key that opens doors to our opportunities. Remembering the former failures weakens our mind to act on the impossible. As a man thinks so is he. Enrich your life with good materials and resource this year. Whatever a man can conceive and believe in his mind, he can build capacity to make happen. Make it happen!

Empower others with your talents, gifts, Resources

You receive help in helping others. What you receive is for you to share. Your gifting is for the purpose to bless others. Look for people to share what you know with this year. Share your resources with others. Solve people’s problem this year. Go out of your way to make somebody happy this year. The more people you help the more opportunity to help more people. The people may not necessarily come to you, you may have to look for them and empower them.

Don’t Be Ashamed of what is Gainful

It is ignorant to be ashamed of what is gainful. God is gainful, don’t be ashamed of Him. The opportunity to learn new things in books and going for conferences are gainful. Extra income through sharing the product of a company with others is gainful but you are ashamed of Network Marketing. Relationships with others is gainful but you are ashamed to reconcile with people. This year, don’t be ashamed of what will help you and bring you to significant.

Vision and Action Plan for 2014

Nobody succeed without vision and action plan for success. This year don’t just have a vision of the Best in 2014, write it down and prayerfully act on your thoughts immediately. I always say, one thousand and one ideas or visions are not as powerful as one action. Make 2014 a Do it year! Mount up with wings like Eagles. Take higher responsibility. Don’t lose sight of your goals this year.

Be Thankful and Grateful throughout the Year

Be joyful, excited and appreciate God in your life throughout the year. This year carries with it many goodies for you but you must learn to be grateful. Receive each day with thanksgiving.

In this New Year 2014, you will experience SIGNIFICANT Progress in all the areas of your life.

You will not crawl, nor cry in pains but you will be celebrated and crowned with the BEST of God.

Once again, Happy New Year

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