A major breakthrough in medicine was the discovery, in 1847, of the use of chloroform as an anesthetic to render people insensitive to the pain of surgery. Behind the discovery was a medical doctor from Edinburgh, Sir James Simpson. His discovery saved millions of people the excruciating pains of surgery and popularized him. Later in life, one of his students at University of Edinburgh asked him what he considered to be the most valuable discovery of his lifetime. The students expected him to refer to chloroform. To their surprise he replied, “My most valuable discovery was when I discovered myself a sinner and that Jesus Christ was my Saviour”
Those who reject Christ as Saviour and Lord cannot resist Him as their Judge
Today you can accept Jesus as your Saviour and Lord.
Say the prayer of salvation NOW!
Lord Jesus, I know you die for me,
I accept you today as my savior and Lord,
I will sin no more.
Come into my heart now, thank you for saving me, Amen.
Look for a Bible believing church around you, if you continue, we shall meet in Heaven. Cheers!

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